‘ U S E I T ‘


I was working at an FMCG Company. I had this great job as a Marketing Manager. The Marketing world can be very seductive.

I work with cool people,
I work for big companies,
I go on press conference and fancy party,
But I become a slave.

And ultimately it becomes your life. It was slowly taking me away from my value and what I believed in. And how I wanted to use my life.
After I left, the first thing I did was made something for nothing and called it ‘NOOD’.
I just didn’t know what else to do… but to create the beverage ‘like no other’. Creating the awesome beverage but nobody know.
No matter if people get it or not, it like water but opposite with.
No matter if people wanted to drink it or not, it was my way of being myself again… fully!!!
Without having to change or fame who I was. There’s no real recipe for how I work.
My opinions and outrage slowly grow in me, base on the things that I see day to day. The way most people never live their life and getting idiots.
Look out world, there’s a lot of normal people who live a shallow life in town, that bothers me a lot.
The importance how you look, a certain way of being the person you are not – that is something that deeply affects your self-esteem.
I think this has been the tool to keep us disempowered. That make me angry!
I’m not on a mission.
I’m not trying to start revolution.

My work is a just a counter voice to that untra-simplicistic and opposite way of most people and the way their live.

My nood as ‘Useme’ is my way of presenting a different point of view. On a more personal level, it is quest for authenticity and liberation from the fuckin’ routine.



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