Normality is a common life routine of ordinary people. They all have the life similarly; they live in the same way but no meaning to! We are always doing things we like in our life and this is why you are not changing! You do routine in the life – it’s just nothing happens if you always do things the same way. You are actually repeating yourself over and over again. I think that human beings right now need a change. You have to change by yourself because the only way to change consciousness and to change the world around us is to start with yourself. My method is to do things in opposite way, to do things you’re afraid of, the thing you fear, the thing you don’t know, to live your life that nobody’s never lives and that means your personal level change to be self-esteem. Nobody really knows what they want until they have self-esteem; to respect themselves, respect other, responsibility for what we did, seek respect not attention. Don’t waste time too much with your routine and nobody is happy. Life never gets better, but you do. Live a life you’re proud of and live an opposite like no other. Don’t thinking the same thing, one day you’ll realize that we were forgetting to live our life. Ask yourself, Are you alive or just survive by daily routine? Life is not “Wake up – Survive – Sleep.” No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may.  We ourselves must “Don’t make sense” and we’re like no other! Yes, normal abides by the rules, normal get things done but normal will never be great, normal will never change the world… EVEN THEMSELVES.


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