what kind of water?

“DO NOT ASK ME WHAT KIND OF WATER, BECAUSE IT IS A LONG STORY”. Just note to self: Whatever you drink, drink the opposite. Actually, we are the “sparkling flavors” – carbonate water with flavors and fructose (no sugar). If you would like to know more on this please go to NOOD

what are we? (standing for)

Three words of NOOD are “We – Live – Opposite”. Its mean live your personal life more, because now you have time to social life, but not a personal. Social life is about work life for “survive” and the things like that. Personal life is about when you are around people who won’t judge if you do stupid things. Whatever you think, think the opposite way. We came up by the opposite way of thinking, used the right brain for living our life and made the product for the people thinking and living like us. (why?) Whatever you think (to drink), think (to drink) the opposite, because we can drink in any kind of purpose by itself without alcohol (how?) e.g. drink like a soft drink or good complimentary with liquors, especially vodka. (what?) We called our product “nood” the nothing is matter!

our character

The 275 ml bottle with a crown cap is about keeping things simple. The handy size makes it perfect to share with friends. Our/Drink is smooth, fresh and composed to blend well with all any alcohol.

“do not make sense” (make unreasonable)

We are not Normality, “YES…”normal follows by the rule…normal get things done, “But…”normal will never be great, normal will never change the world…EVEN YOURSELF!


DON’T |MAKE SENSE (what does it mean?)

Don’t Make Sense is about embracing a lifestyle of living for life, not”survive”.

It’s about the choices we make everyday:

We – We are not Normality, we don’t make thing that reasonable. “YES” normal abides by the rule, normal get things done “BUT” normal will never be great, normal will never change the world…even yourself!

Live – What’s really important in life? There’s no manual for “how to living”, but sometime we need to stop and listen. We have to reduce the fuck’n of daily routine and hear what our body and soul telling us.

Opposite – We don’t judge others people, but we really have to do what most people aren’t doing and even though we enjoy the opposite in our style.

To be Unreasonable in ways that make sense, it just “DON’T MAKE SENSE.”


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